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Regular Hound Box

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The Regular Hound Box is just that, it's our go-to box to make your dog very happy.  Paw Paw supplies only well balanced, preservative free nutrition.

Depending on your dog's weight your Regular Hound Box will include:

- Premium dry food by Nutro or Sunday Pet
- Quality wet food by Nutro or Ziwi
- Bites by Woof
- Pure Lamb Liver Training Strips

Plus lots of extras, which vary week to week, such as:

- Natural NZ chews
- Greenies Dentals
- Our homemade gluten-free baking  
- Wash Bar products
- Radical Dog Cherry Biscuits
- Carrots
- Poo Bags

The Regular Hound Box feeds and spoils your dog for between $3.90-5.70 per day.

Our photo shows some of what your Paw Paw Box is likely to contain. Each box will vary slightly fortnightly, and quantities will alter depending on your dog's size - but always with enough food for 14 days!