Thank You For The Fan Pics

We are now three weeks into our new venture, and the response has been extraordinary.  A huge thank you to everyone who has ordered a Paw Paw box from us.

We have sent boxes far and wide, from one end of NZ to the other. Charlotte and I are working hard to contact every customer individually and check how their box has been received, and so far the feedback has been absolutely fantastic.

See just a few of our Paw Paw Fan pics on the home page - big thanks to Duffy, Polo and Tilly, who star. And there are even more happy pups on our social media feeds. So great!  

Above is beautiful Rosie, who loves chicken, so is very excited about the chicken based Ziwi, Nutro & Woof Bites that all came in her first Paw Paw Gourmet Box.

Below are Yuki, Millie and Poppy, tucking in in Wellington.

When you order a delivery box from us you get a fantastic range of high-end natural food and treats and extras, to tie your dog over for a fortnight. We have it all covered! Let us know what your dog loves most about their Paw Paw box.